Eight years of it with no end in sight. All fresh water supplies dwindling towards ZERO.

Aqueducts are drying up.
Are you being sold treated sewage water? What does your future look like?
Try asking your water company. You won’t get a straight answer.
Help yourself instead of asking for it.
DESLIPPE Water Source.
I can and will help all of us. However, you MUST help us as well. We demand that you register your support right here, right NOW. Here is how to Register your names.
Mail One Dollar (checks payable to Don Deslippe) to Don Deslippe, 2520 Ryan Road #23, Concord, California, 94518
We all will have inexhaustible fresh water supplies for decades moving forward. Please be responsible and do your SHARE

Don Crandall Deslippe, Owner
Please do not send any emails or try and call me, as it is impossible to answer millions of them.
Thank you ALL for your cooperation and your interest in YOUR water project.
All supporters NAMES will be added to our SPONSERS LIST and posted on our website for all to see.